More about wool

I have been working today, because I was not really happy with the background… I sewed a whole new top. And now I decided I like the original top.

Want to scream with me?

Anyway, now I have an idea to use with the new, rejected, top. Either a wild rose or a fuchsia. I am leaning hard toward the fuchsia. I used to have baskets of them around my house in AK.

Also, I have thought about going for some really funky designs, they are fun, happy and really dynamic. Do you think I have a split personality???

I have this whole new page I added with pictures of the wool. If you look in the column to the left it says February 2009. I can’t figure out how to make it what you see when you first come to this blog. I WILL figure this out. This is where my time all goes… to figuring stuff like this out!
More screaming.