Show in Harlingen

This was so fun. I went to work a retail show with my friend from Corpus Christi, Patty Dunn. To visit her site you can go to She has a blog, too.

Every time we travel together to do a show (we have done that a lot in the past three years or so) we end up in a car, trying to FIND someplace.

Naturally, we ask people that are “local’s” for directions. I swear, they always say “It’s about a mile down the road on the right/left”. Usually it is at least FIVE MILES. Sometimes they forget to tell us to turn somewhere. That being sort of a critical part of the directions you can see why we are laughing hilariously.

So now it has become a joke. Whenever someone tells us “It’s about a mile” we figure it is probably 5 miles. We are right more often than not.

Here are some pictures of our trip…
Linda's Trees
We began in Corpus Christi where Patty lives, then we went to this house. It belongs to a fabulous artist. Before we even went in, I fell in love with the trees.
more of Linda's Trees
I cannot believe how beautiful these trees are. I am SO going to use these in one of my quilts.
After they got me past the trees we went inside and was I ever in awe. Patty had told me that she had art all over her walls. So I thought “Oh, Trompe L’Oeil”. I don’t know if I spelled that correctly. Sorry. SHE HAD all of her PAINTINGS in frames hung on her walls. So I was expecting one thing and saw something totally different. I had so much fun. I just wish we would have had more time there.

We went on to Harlingen, though and set up the booth. This is Patty in her booth. She allowed me to hang 3 of my Strip Quilts from the book I recently published called “UnderCover Strips”.
Patty - booth Harlingen show
The garments and bags are Patty’s patterns.
Patty in Harlingen booth
We had a wonderful time here. Here we are together in the booth. Patty is showing that it was only “one” mile to our destination. I’m showing it was “five”…
Patty & I in Harlingen
Then we had to go shopping…
Shampoo store
We finally found the store where I could buy more shampoo…

Go Up the Stairs!
I’m trying to convince Patty we should take the stairs…

No, Not the Elevator
NO. Not the elevator!!

Patty exiting elevator
Here the little stinker is… happily exiting the elevator after she won the battle.

Live Well
We found a sign that told us what to do.

Of course, here is where we are usually… on tilt.
No matter what happens or where we go it’s always fun to be with Patty.

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