Starting a new quilt

Well, now that I have created these gorgeous walls in the bedroom, I was inspired with a new design… very traditional, and I want to add applique. I am going to be out of it for a few days while I draw it up, then I will try to take in progress photo’s so you can see what’s going on. Fell free to send comments about what you are seeing.

Someone told me I should Twitter. I am looking into it. What do you think? Any comments?


What else I have been doing…

My husband went to Alaska to help my folks get their house ready to sell….while the Tom cat’s away, the mice did play. I got into the paints. First, I started by going around with my handy dandy caulk, filling cracks. Then I started painting touch-ups on the walls, where it had been bumped or marked up. That took days. You really have no idea how much time it takes for maintenance.
After that, I painted the concrete birdbath my folks had gotten for me as a gift. Before I painted it I used a concrete sanding tool to smooth out the rough edges. I decided to paint it so it looked like a morning glory.
Morning Glory Bowl
I decided the pedestal on the birdbath should look like copper when it turns that green color…pedestal
It’s in front of the house, now, next to my blue pots with geraniums in them. I’ll take a photo and show you later. My poor geraniums are suffering in this heat so don’t laugh when you see how scrawny they look.
I decided the front door should be blue, too. I painted it. It’s great. Tom will be so surprised.
And I was on a roll, so I decided to add dimensional stencils to the dining room walls. This stuff is so fun! Here is what it looks like before I painted it.
wall stencil
Then, of course, I decided since I had to paint the stencil, I would change the color in the dining room so it is now a pretty, sunshine yellow.
Here it is, in progress…diningroom
Needless to say, the housework went on hold while I was doing all of this.

Next I decided to paint the master bedroom. I chose two colors of green and after I painted the walls I was inspired with an idea for a new quilt. I am going to call it Nantucket. If I could only sew as fast as I think.

Oh, and I also picked out some pictures from our selection that I want hung. And I got out the wood restore and coated all of our wood cabinets. I had no idea I had so many cabinets. Then I decided, with the walls looking so good, the trim needed repainting. So I painted the trim and windowsills. Wow.
I was up at 6 working and didn’t hit the bed until at least 9 every night. Talk about tired. No housework and my plants outside almost bit the dust. So I took a few hours and mowed the lawn, then got out the shears and clipped the bushes and wherever the lawnmower didn’t reach.
You know, I joined a gym, but the past two weeks I didn’t show up in there one time. However, I can attest to the fact that my body is definitely getting a workout.
I did take 2 days off to sew the grocery bag pattern. It has woven sides for air, and a pocket for my money. I’m going to use it when I shop at the local fruit and vegetable stands. Right now they have great tomato’s and sweet, juicy melons.
Grocery Tote
This is also one of the projects I offer in workshops. This particular pocket is done by first creating batik fabric with Dye-Na-Flow on a Prepared for Dying white cotton. After it was heat set so the dye is permanently in the fabric and won’t bleed or wash out I traced a leaf image to the fabric, pressed fusible web to the back and cut out the leaves. thread painting leaves
Once the leaves were bonded to the base, I began stitching with different threads. I love the way you can accent parts of a design by painting with threads. Of course, once the thread painting is complete, you can quilt it. Then make it into the pocket on the bag.
I am supposed to pick up Tom at the airport tonight. Last night I decided I better clean the house after all of the fun I have had for the past two weeks. I broke the vacuum. I had to sweep the floors and then mop and it took me over 3 hours! I could not believe it. I think I lost weight. Yippee!
It’s a two hour run so I better get in the car and get to it.

Texture Magic

Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted. No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.
I have recently been playing with a new product called Texture Magic from Superior Threads. Here are a few photos of what I have done. First, draw your image right on the Texture Magic. I did it with a ball point pen. This experiment was done using batting between the Texture Magic and fabric.
Begin with Texture Magic
Then I stitched around the drawn image. The bobbin thread ends up being on the “top”. Stitch outline and color it in!!
Next, stitch the quilting around the image. I started to steam the Texture Magic before I did this and then had to stitch with part of it a little bit drawn up. Ooops.
Quilt the background
And NOW you can steam it!! Place it with the Texture Magic on top and steam, steam, steam. Be careful, though, not to touch it with your iron. Steam it!
I have a lot of ideas on things to do with this. I am creating some fun patterns right now. What a terrific accent piece on your next quilt.