Quilt Market & Festival

It is just around the corner! I’ll be attending Festival, not Market this year. But the wonderful news is that I will be signing books at Festival in the first booth you come to on aisle 100! I’ll be there on Preview Night and then will be signing books Thursday and Friday at 10am and 2pm both days. I can’t wait to meet you!

If you have a picture of a quilt you have made from one of the books, please bring it by. I would love to see what you have done. It’s not often I get the opportunity to actually come in contact with you, to see the quilts you have put together, so this will be a great opportunity to chat. I’ll be a captive audience and can’t wait to hear about your fabric exploits.

Festival is October 15 this year in Houston. Mark your calendar and, please, come by and introduce yourself to me! I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Back from CA

I’m back! I took some pictures in the class with my phone and as soon as I figure out how to download them to the computer I will post them. We had a lot of fun. Stay tuned.

Preparing for CA

I’m leaving in a week to teach in Burbank, CA at Conejo Valley Quilt Guild. I am really looking forward to this! It has been quite a while since I have taught the basics of using ink to create different textures on fabrics.

I’ll be teaching using ink with salt and water:
The workshop kit will be in these greens. I figured everyone can use green, especially if you are creating leaves or some other organic plant look.

We will also be playing with shaving cream. I think this is a lot of fun, and getting messy with something that is so easy to clean up really is an ice-breaker. If you were feeling a little reserved before we get to this, you definitely are not feeling that way once we start.
shaving cream flower
This shows one of the ways we will use the shaving cream. There are lots of techniques presented in this workshop.

Our afternoon is going to be working with foil. Lots of people hear “foil” and think “Oh, that is so chunky. I just don’t know where I would ever use that”. Well, if you have ever seen those $30 t-shirts you will re-think your stance on this! Foil is easy to apply and you can go way beyond the artwork you see on commercially prepared and sold items.

If you are creating a bag and want a unique, wow-em look try foil. Here is a sample of one of the images I did for the class.
hummingbird in foil
As you can see, using multiple layers of foil that has already been partially used up makes for a beautiful, soft blend. There is a trick to it which I demonstrate in the workshop.

Once you have put foil on your fabric you can use it as a basis for thread painting. Same with the shaving cream and ink, and same with the ink and salt. It really is a wonderful base for your next project.

One of the new patterns I just created, which will be available on the website soon, uses plants and foil to create the image. It is a little thread and trash collector you can place next to your sewing machine. Of course, thread work was added to it to make it really pop. I’ll be showing a picture of it soon…. so check back.

Speaking of which, I have some new tote patterns. Lots of different concepts you can use in them and I will be presenting them soon. Well, maybe after I get back from California.
See you soon…

Setacolor Sun Painting

Oooh, I love Setacolor paints. You can get some absolutely gorgeous fabric using this light/heat sensitive paint.

Recently I used InkoDye to do sun painting. This time I used Setacolor. I wet the fabric, just as I did with the InkoDye, then poured diluted Setacolor over the fabric, lastly laying plants over the top of the fabric.

In this sample I added silver Lumiere metallic paint to the mix. When I poured the mixture it left a beautiful stream of shimmering silver behind.
Here is a picture of it after I removed the plant:
setacolor blue & silver

Have you tried using SetaColor Paints?