Quarter square triangle units

Now that you have seen the video on half square triangle units, take it a step further and create quarter square triangle units. This opens up a world of possibilities in the types of quilt patterns you can create. Pressing is, of course, a key component and watching the video shows how to avoid warping the block when you press. Also, trimming the units to the perfect size before you attempt to sew them into the block can make life a lot easier.

I used to pooh pooh the idea that I had to square up units or trim them because most of the time it was a sliver of fabric that I was removing. Plus, who wants to waste the time!??!

Then I realized, I am dealing with 1/4″ seams and the more accurate the units are, the easier it is to have beautiful blocks. Trimming before I continue piecing has saved me ripping out many times. I am not as frustrated and if there is a place where my unit swerves in a bit, maybe a little too small, I can easily see that when I sew the units together. It lets me accommodate the discrepancy in the seam allowance or lets me know when the error is too big to fudge when sewing…in other words, it lets me know I need to rip out and re-sew a seam. And my quilt points come out, my top lays flat, and the pieced top is square when it is completed. YAYYYYY!

I hope this video helped you.