About Trish

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so new to this! I hope you enjoy seeing what I am working on. I usually work on 4 or 5 projects at a time. That way, when I reach saturation levels with one, I can go to another one. And, just like everyone, I am busy with other aspects of life… such as washing the dog and working on the garden. Not that I have a green thumb. But I am determined to have something besides weeds grow this year.

I recently published a book on strip pieced quilts and have another one in the works. It’s sort of fun to work with a theme. I was just talking about this with another designer friend of mine. Funny how things work, isn’t it?

I am really enjoying being home more. I was getting burned out with all of the traveling. Now I am starting to see more creativity blossoming and actual patterns and art coming to life. The past few years have been harrowing and I did not realize how stressed I was getting until it finally all dropped away. I’ve begun to pay more attention to my health. I found a couple of websites that are really good for that. One is Isabel De Los Rios site and another is Craig Ballantyne, also The People’s Chemist. I’ve begun to exercise… oooh. I am SO out of shape. I have had to start slowly but am intent on getting thinner and fit so I have more energy and like myself better. It’s easy to sit at the computer and sit at the sewing machine and sit at the table, and sit, sit, sit but I feel better when I make myself move. Besides, if I can get some muscle tone back I may not need to see the chiropractor as frequently.

Please interact with me on this blog. If you have questions, or you have comments, or if you are wondering how to do something to do with quilting, art, embellishing, fabric, whatever, I would love to hear from you. I want to apologize ahead of time, though. I’m not blogging every single day. But I am making an effort to do this at least two times a week. Maybe the frequency will increase as I get a schedule down and functional.

And for those that have not met me here is a bit about me…
I grew up in Alaska. Yes, it was cold but it is also beautiful, I miss it, and I find I even am missing SNOW! It took me 6 years to get there, but it’s true. I miss the crunch of it when you step on it, the crisp way it feels when you breath in cold air, the way snowflakes are so soft when they land on your face, the diamond shimmer of them in the light. I miss the Northern Lights. I miss the way frost looks on windows and trees. I miss the mountains and the ocean, the flowers in the summer and the sun at night.

We moved to Texas 6 years ago. I love it here. It is so different and also so much the same as AK. The people are friendly and warm hearted. The church I belong to is lovely. The people are lovely. We have about 4 1/2 acres in a neighborhood that is great. The yard needs a lot of work, the house needs decorating, I am so glad I am home now so I can get some of it done! People ask why we moved to Texas, it’s so different from Alaska. I don’t know what to say. I just was blown away by the warm air, the dark nights in the summer and it was still warm at night. We got to have fourth of July fireworks in the dark. wow. 9 months out of the year I can go outside and do whatever I want. The other three months it is just too hot to breathe but I’m getting used to it.

I have sewn and drawn ever since I can remember. I thought everyone could. It took years for me to realize that it is a talent, not something you just do or learn. But I DO believe that anyone can learn. Finding your own style, now that’s something that takes time. and effort. But I still believe we are all creative. Maybe not all of us are creative with a pen or a needle and thread, maybe we are creative with cooking, or metal working, or working with numbers or we are good at making people feel loved and cherished but we are all creative at something.

I am married. We have been married for 25 years. unbelievable. Tom had a son when I married him (Scott), and a sort of adopted son (Steve), so there were two “boys”. Really, they were already young men. Now they both have children of their own so we are grandparents. They are all beautiful. amazing.

We had two MORE boys. Matt and Travis. Most of you already know that our son, Travis, died on December 2, 2007. He had recently turned 19 (a Halloween baby) so still had a lot of future ahead of him. Car accident. I still feel grief so hard sometimes that it takes my breath away. But I no longer cry daily. And I am so grateful that we have a wonderful relationship with our other son, Matt. He is a truck driver right now with lots of big plans that I just know he will make work. He is smart and a hard worker, besides being gorgeous. Okay, I’m prejudiced, but he really is incredible.

We have a Rottweiler and she is a princess. She knows she is special and is so funny that I can’t help but laugh. She loves going to town in the truck and sulks if she misses more than one day. Tom drives her to town every day to get the Dallas newspaper. We have a weekly paper here that gets delivered to our PO Box.

I was raised with three sisters, they are all still in Alaska, my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, the whole shmear are all still up there. Mom and Dad recently came out for a visit and we love having them stay with us. My younger sister, Sue, is coming in March for the first time ever! I can hardly wait. She is nuts and lots of fun. My oldest sister, Barb, is a kick, too. My sister, Cheryl, passed away from an aneurysm about 10 years ago.

I have a degree in accounting and while I enjoyed working in that field, I am afraid that side of my brain no longer works so I don’t dare try to go back to it. Although sometimes I surprise myself with bits and pieces that float up to the surface.

I have been teaching quilting and fiber art classes for about 18 years now. Publishing patterns and books for about 10 (?). I travel nationally and teach workshops to guilds. My range is pretty broad. I enjoy traditional piecing, paper piecing, & curved piecing. I like English paper piece method of applique, needle turn applique, raw edge applique, fusible applique. I like to use fabric ink, dye and paints. I love to play with threads and beads, with foil and stamps. There is probably no aspect of quilting and art quilts and fiber art that I don’t like messing with. I love flowers. I love their shapes, their colors, their iridescence, their luminosity and transparency and glow and the way they reflect light and absorb shadows. I keep trying to move on to other subjects and keep coming back to flowers. and leaves. go figure.

I absolutely adore blown glass. In some future life I plan on learning how to do that. I find items that are made of glass and I drool. If I had money my whole house would be full of it with special lighting to make it glow. I also love beads. I want to learn lampwork. Right now I don’t have time, because I have way to much to do with the quilting. But someday.

Well, that’s about it. If you belong to a guild and you are looking for a teacher, keep me in mind.
God Bless.


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